What are the Rules for Domino QQ?



Domino QQ Rules


If you are a starter, domino is usually played with 28 double-six dominoes. The game has two rounds and often, each round has a betting limit. The final round usually has a higher limit.


At the start of the game, each player has to place a bet in the pot. The amount you put in the pot could be a high or a low depending on where you are playing. After placing all the bets, every player is dealt 3 dominoes and you can do any of the 4 things after looking at your dominoes. If there is a previous bettor you can raise, call or fold but if there is no prior bettor you can bet.


In the first round, only one player bets and then takes the winning pot without showing his/her hand. If there is more than one player, then any person who did not fold is dealt a 4th card. In the final round, those who did not fold show their hands and the highest hand wins.


Dominoes are put in pairs with a pair of 9s is the highest pair. The pips of the pairs are added and the second digit of the sum is taken. For instance, a total pip of 25 becomes 5.


You can only have a higher score than a 9 if you have any of the following hands:


A double – your 4 dominoes consists of doubles

A low- the sum of the pips on your 4 dominoes is either 9 or below

A high- the sum of the pips on your 4 dominoes is either 38 or higher

3 doubles-a kid and the forth is alone

A straight- all your dominoes have consecutive pips. For instance, 4,5,6,7


If more than one player has doubles or a straight, then the player with a higher double takes the winning pot. If they have a straight and no doubles then a higher straights win. You may contact situs poker online for more tips and ideas.